Cybersecurity Consultant
Computer Programmer

Dennis Montgomery is an American computer programmer and software designer 25 years cybersecurity experience with the US intelligence agencies and the DOD. Dennis has developed specialized AI programs to identify network security flaws and find creative ways to infiltrate network systems. Dennis has developed for the US GOV AI programs to anticipate, block, and retaliate against cyber threats. Dennis Montgomery holds multiple copyrights and patents in the AI field.

Dennis has developed and licensed various technologies to the US GOV intelligence agencies, Department of Defense (DOD), SOCOM, Homeland Security (HS), Department of Advanced Naval Research (NAVY), Air Force (AF)

Dennis has built medical devices and licensed various medical devices with the FDA. They include American Hospital, Baxter Healthcare, Dupont, Corning, the Henley Group, Fisher Scientific, Instrumentation Labs, Kaiser, Kodak, GE, Intel, Technicolor, MGM Grand, Dunhill Communications, various wall street companies (algorithmic trading and stock predictions), Hewlett Packard, and IBM to name a few. These various technology licenses have generated over $190 million in revenue! Dennis holds patents and copyrights in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), compression, biometrics, spectral analysis, 3D modeling, object identification and tracking, pattern recognition, robotics, surveillance, anomaly detection, encryption, cyber security, cyber warfare, and many others.

Dennis Montgomery has held a TS/SCI security clearance since 2002.

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